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Smart KEYBOX is the international Marketing Service Center managing MPS Orders of OKI Customers. It works inside the OKI smartSUPPORT Area on behalf of local OPCOs and their  final clients.

Starting its international activities in January 2013, SKB is an ongoing project following  the development of OKI SMART MDS Strategy towards a global enhancement and standardization of consuming back-office operations.       

The idea of outsourcing the Service derives from OSI Italian experience, widely tested -just from the beginning of MPS business into the Italian market - through the consulting company KAOS. The initial challenge involved the outsourcing at KAOS of Spanish and English MPS orders: different ways to receive its, different ways to process its...After a short trial period from September to December 2012,from January 2013 the service became SmartKEYBOX and went live with increasing orders volumes and incoming OSCOs and countries (January 2013 : 3.400 orders managed - December : about 16.000).

At the end of 2013 SKB encopasses the management of OKI MPS Orders for these markets: Italy, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, for a monthly volume of about 16-17.000 orders and has scheduled a very short entry of France and  Nordic Regions (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark).

The head office of the Services is in Italy, in Milano, at KAOS company, and operatively the service works whit two functional teams: one in Milano and one in Chișinău, Moldovian capital.

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Welcome into the Service to the NORDIC REGIONS

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